Merry Christmas Candy Soda Company Distributors

Winter holidays, along with gifts, Christmas tree and lights, also mean a lot of sweets, especially for children. Manufacturers know how to conquer customers of all ages, by packaging products in shapes and colors as attractive as possible, with a Christmas theme and successfully combining toys with sweets.

The shops are fuller than ever of all kinds of sweet temptations, from traditional chocolate figurines to delicious Mexican candies.

The problem for many retailers is that candy stocks are declining considerably over the holidays, so they have to consider restocking immediately after. Retailers can resupply their stocks from various sources, considering that, within a marketing channel, there are several types of Colorado soda company and candy distributors. They are the main sources of supply, not the producers.

Classic wholesalers are the most popular distributors, including for retailers who want to restock on candies. These are independent companies that own the goods they handle. A special category are cash & carry wholesalers, who take ownership of the goods, but sell only to traders who want to buy goods by paying directly in cash (“cash”) and transport their own products (“carry”).

Restocking on candies from large distributors is the best solution to have competitive prices and profitability.