Stand Out From The Rest Creager Mercantile

Distributors are members of the distribution channel, on whose activity depends very much the fate of a business, and in which producers put their hopes, because they can accelerate trade. Grocery distributors sell, finance, take the risk, deal with physical distribution, promotion, etc. – in a word, they deal with marketing activities, trading and moving products to the final consumer.

For the consumer, distributors such as Creager Mercantile are those who provide them with access to the desired products, at the right time and place, with the lowest costs (money and time).

Distributors can be divided into two categories:

  1. Traders – they become the owners of the goods they buy from producers and then sell them to the consumers, taking all the risks involved. They can make huge profits if they manage to sell the goods, but they can also lose, directly proportional to the level of sale. This category includes: wholesalers, retailers, industrial distributors, franchisors and licensees.
  2. Functional intermediaries, depending on their position in relation to the property – they do not become the owners of the goods they transport, but they do obtain a commission or fee for the services they offer, such as: transport, storage, financing etc. This category includes: agents, brokers, merchandisers and various other intermediaries.