Merry Christmas Candy Canes Distributors

Even if the first holiday you may think of when you hear the word “candies” is Halloween, Christmas is also right up there. During the holiday season, stores are full of all kind of imaginable sweet temptations, from Santa chocolates to peanut butter cookies – all waiting to be included in Christmas presents or hung by the chimney.

The most popular Christmas candies in America differ from state to state – at least this is what a large online bulk Denver distributors revealed, after conducting a market research. However, there are some candies that appear in people`s preferences everywhere – and here are some of them:

Candy canes

It seems that this is the iconic candy for Christmas. Candy canes can adorn a tree and they can also be used to stir cocoa; they come in the best and also craziest flavors, so they are also lots of fun.

Chocolate Santas

No Christmas without Chocolate Santas, right? These are mainly the favorites of children, and in Wyoming and South Dakota they actually take the first place as the most popular candies for December holidays.


These small milk chocolate treats dress festively for the season and are the main favorite in Idaho and South Carolina.