If you just bought your first car, you might think that the only way to handle even the smallest of fixes is to take it to a professional mechanic and get it checked. However, as you’ll find, there are many simple checks and repairs that you can do all on your own.  You can also buy your own filters, and oil from one of the best wholesale stores near you, and do your own oil change, it’s pretty simple.


Changing the Air Filter


This is probably the easiest DIY car repair you can try. First, check your owner’s manual to locate the air filter – it should be a rectangular box beneath the hood. Open up the casing, take note of how the air filter is fastened inside, then remove it and insert the new one exactly as the old one was set in. Make sure you replace your air filter at least once every 12 months or so.


How to Check If Your Battery Needs Replacing


If the electronics in your car aren’t powering on, and the vehicle isn’t starting, then either the battery or the alternator might be at fault. You can simply use a multimeter to check the DC voltage on your battery. If your car stopped in the middle of the road, a simple jump start will be enough to get you home in most instances.


Replace Your Spark Plugs


The replacement process is done separately for each spark plug, whether your car has 4, 6 or 8 plugs. All you need to do is remove the wire from the first plug, use the spark plug socket on your ratchet to remove the plug itself, then screw the new socket in place with the help of a suitable wrench. Make sure you replace your spark plugs once every 30,000 miles.