If you tried Mexican soda, you surely noticed that it tastes different, maybe you even think it tastes better than American soda. It is true that Mexican soda, even the products offered by major manufacturers, offers the flavors that you know so well from home and also adds a completely different experience – if you have ever wondered why, here are a few possible reasons:

  • Most soda products in Mexico come in glass bottles, not in plastic bottles or cans. Both plastic and tin are known to slightly modify the taste of the beverage they contain, while glass does not interfere with the taste in the slightest;
  • According to some, Mexican soda is made with cane sugar instead of the fructose syrup used for making soda in America;
  • The viscosity of Mexican soda is also different, which also conducts to a different drinking experience;
  • Many people consider Mexican soda to be fizzier than American products, a factor that makes Mexican varieties feel more refreshing;
  • The environment where you consume your beverage also influences the experience – having a bottle of soda on a terrace when it is very hot outside feels different than having the same beverage in a cool room.  If you are looking to buy the best Mexican candy Denver area is the place to shop.