Denver has changed a great deal in recent years, and anyone who has visited the city on a regular basis throughout the past 1-2 decades can attest to this fact.


Denver Retail Stats


While it has always been known as a city that combines the beauty of stunning outdoor scenery with comfortable urban living, Denver is now also an award-winning city when it comes to mobility and transportation. Moreover, it’s also rapidly becoming one of the most livable urban areas in the United States.


Denver retail trends and statistics show that there are three times more downtown residents now than in 2000, and the number of long term and short term visitors to the city has increased greatly as well.


All numbers point to the fact that Denver is a friendlier place where the private sector is better developed, more teens and young people are shopping for school, and there are a total of more than 60,000 retail employees in the city right now.


The Denver Shopping Experience


So what’s it like to shop in Denver’s malls and local retail outlets? From sports items to clothes, jewelry and unique thrift shop items, as well as furniture and home improvement products, you can find virtually everything you set your eyes on at a great price, including that of professional Denver head shops known within the community.


Not only that, but shopping in Denver has become an incredibly comfortable experience that you don’t even have to get out of bed to enjoy. All you need is your laptop or smartphone, and you can browse through the city’s best offers, find the most enticing deals and locate some of the most unique items online.