When it comes to using cannabis oil or one of the various cannabinoids that can be utilized in a similar way, one of your options is to consider a vape pen. Vape pens are electrical devices that mimic the construction of a basic pipe. Instead of using fire, they use electricity to heat up the material you wish to smoke, and the results are quite impressive.


A vape pen is made up of an atomizer and a tank, and it includes various sensors that can automatically turn the pen on when they sense the user inhaling through it. Older models also use a simple push-button design, which is equally effective albeit less “cool.”  The distribution of vape pens falls along the same Colorado beverage distribution guidelines.


While the tank is used for storing the cannabis oil, the atomizer is where all the magic happens. This little device is a basic heater that heats the material you are about to smoke to a temperature of about 350-400 degrees. At this temperature range, cannabinoids vaporize so you can smoke or “vapor” them.


The vape pen has become increasingly popular in recent years especially among those who want to quit smoking. With the new laws and legislation revolving around the legalization of marijuana, the use of vape pens with cannabis oil has only worked in favor of the former’s popularity.