Accessories For Your New Bar

So you just set up a brand new bar at home, and you want to make sure that it looks as great as it feels. With quality liquor accessories and bar accessories, you can achieve that look, although there might be some difficulty in finding exactly what works in your case.


A beverage maker is one of the accessories you simply have to get if you have a bar. This little contraption allows you to prepare the most delicious cocktails in no time, and some of the newest versions also whirl your ingredients on their own at perfect speed and at the push of a simple button.


Get a unique bottle opener, and watch your guests’ enthusiastic reaction. Some designs allow you to create layered drinks with ease by setting up the bottle opener atop a glass half filled with ale, and allowing the bottle you just opened to gracefully flow your liquor on top.


Whiskey stones are a great alternative to ice that you can use to avoid watering down your drinks. Moreover, unlike ice, they can be used just minutes after you pop them into the freezer, so they’re probably one of the smartest and most practical purchase you can make for your new bar.