Differences Of Tobacco Vs Vape Pen

According to statistics and reports prepared by different institutions independent from each other, vaping is around 90% less harmful than smoking – here is why:

  • The cartridges and liquids used in vaping pens contain nicotine, but they are free from the other harmful and toxic substances released by cigarettes while the tobacco is burning, such as carbon monoxide and tar;
  • Reduced fire hazards – it maybe surprising, but the hazards posed by smoking cigarettes are not limited to the health issues caused by inhaling the smoke. Smoking involves the use of a flame and the process consists of keeping a stick of tobacco burning, therefore it can – and it does – cause housefires. Vaping, on the other hand, heats the cartridge introduced into the pen among safe and controlled circumstances, there is no flame or burning material involved, therefore the process eliminates fire hazards completely;
  • Vape pens can help smokers kick the habit and never look back – according to many researchers, replacing cigarettes with vape pens is a great way to reduce the nicotine intake, therefore it can reduce the tobacco addiction over time and it can help the user quit both smoking and vaping without the uncomfortable, in some cases scary symptoms that accompany the quitting process.  Most of the Colorado beverage retailers will also stock supplies for these types of items.