Popular Items People Buy

Airports are places where people on the departure side spend a relatively long time, waiting for their flight. While many choose to bring a book or a magazine to read, others – quite a crowd – choose to kill the time doing some shopping. Even people who prefer not to spend any money while waiting might start craving some foods and beverages, so they also end up shelling out a few bucks. Here are the most popular items that people buy in airport shops:

  • Bottled water – the liquid restrictions in place at airports do not allow people to come in with beverages purchased outside the airport, so passengers need to buy their water from airport shops if they want to clench their thirst while waiting;
  • Snacks – peanuts, cookies and other snacks come in at number two on the list of the most popular merchandise sold at airports;
  • Newspapers and magazines – the best and easiest way to spend idle time;
  • Comfort items – blankets, neck pillows, soft, fluffy socks are also very popular, especially among passengers of long-distance flights who dread the very thought of having to spend 8 or more hours sitting;
  • Souvenirs – the airport is for many the last opportunity to buy presents for the loved ones before they land in their home town or city.  Some of the larger suppliers like Creager Mercantile of Colorado have a lot of these products available for wholesale purchases.