convenience store distributor supplied candy soda bread

The category of sweets sold by convenience stores is constantly evolving, being a very competitive and dynamic market in which quality, innovation and good taste make the difference. Associated with moments of joy and relaxation, candies available in convenience stores cover a wide range of needs through the variety of offers, flavors, textures and formats.

New trends in adopting a healthier lifestyle and reducing sugar consumption impact the candy category, with producers in a position to develop healthier formulas with natural or low processed ingredients.

There is also some seasonality regarding the types of candies you can find in convenience stores. This is induced by several factors: in the summer there are several substitutes, such as ice cream or sweet soft drinks; some traditional shops cannot offer optimal conditions for storing and exposing heat-sensitive products (especially chocolate products); also, after the winter holidays, at the beginning of the new year, people set certain personal goals, being eager to reduce fats and sugar in their diet.

Despite all these aspects, convenience stores have strong sales in the candies category. The best selling products remain chocolate candies; that’s because people love chocolate, there is no doubt about it, and these candies generate impulse buying.  The Denver distributors shops keep up with what is in demand for the convenience stores to allow them to have their shelves stocked for their customers.