Top 3 liquor store accessories supplies demand

Capitalizing on impulse purchases is important for any retail business, including for liquor stores. Besides the variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that can be found in a liquor shop, a selection of impulse products can increase sales because they remind shoppers here of some important things they may had forgotten. This is the case of some common products such as liquor store supplies, bar accessories or gifts that can sell at the cash register.

Party Supplies

Drinks and parties go hand in hand, so there are many products you may consider adding to your party supplies section: energy drinks, hangover remedies, party accessories (balloons, candles etc.), shooters, cards and much more. You should definitely add to this category things that your customers ask about often.

Bar accessories

These are great for those who like hosting cocktail parties. So, create a section devoted to them and include things like shakers, cocktail glasses, stirrers, straws, garnishes, tongs etc.


Considering that alcohol is very often offered as a gift, make sure you offer different options to customers looking for nice gifts for their friends and families. Nicely wrapped alcohol sets are a popular option; besides alcohol, they may include glasses, accessories or even ingredients for home made classic cocktails.