Cash & Carry Wholesale Products

The phrase “cash & carry” originated in the first half of the 1900s and refers to self-service wholesale stores (typically groceries) that sell goods to retailers, authorized companies, family associations authorized by law and regular people registered in the seller’s database. The products can be used for resale or processing, as well as consumables. The price regime is differentiated wholesale/ retail.

Access to these stores is typically allowed with a card, which can be obtained by authorized companies and individuals.

Cash and carry stores are self-service. The services provided to customers are limited to a minimum in order to minimize the general expenses of the store. Buyers purchase goods, pack them and deal with the transportation on their own, as there is no delivery option provided by the store.  There are wholesalers who work with the many local beverage distributors Colorado has in this way.

Credit transactions are also excluded; customers must pay for the purchased products on the spot (cash). However, credit cards are typically accepted, as they are considered a form of up-front payment; therefore purchasing from cash & carry stores does not necessarily have a significant impact on customers` spending habits.

Due to the fact that buyers have to assume the risks and make their own arrangements prevents interventions by middlemen.