Smoking Accessories

Whether you enjoy marijuana for recreational or medical purposes or you are smoker who likes to roll your own cigarettes, here are a couple of must-have smoking accessories for you, all available in shops in Colorado:

  • Ashtrays that feature special designs – an ashtray that is shaped like a damaged vinyl disk or a hat add fun to the smoking process;
  • Silicone containers for pot or tobacco – both pot and tobacco are known to be sensitive to UV light, to the prolonged exposure to air and to moisture. Silicone containers are made from food-grade material, most of them are airtight, they come in many different shapes, colors and sizes and they all guarantee your smoking staff will stay fresh for as long as you want it;
  • Grinders – you can cut your weed with scissors to make sure it is of the right consistency, but doing it with a grinder is much more efficient;
  • Rolling tips – the tip is also very important, the piece that goes into the smoker’s mouth can make or break the entire experience. Many of the Denver distributors nowadays offer disposable tips, but you can also buy attractive glass tips that can be cleaned and reused for a more personalized experience.