Drink Mixer and Bar Supplies

Trends change every year, so if you want to keep your liquor-store up to date, you must stay informed. Here are some tips for 2018.


Green glasses

Super-foods and organic ingredients are highly appreciated this year, and bartenders already launched new and bold combinations of green-food and alcoholic beverages. Vodka infused with green peas and mint is one of the new things, served in combination with tonic water.  An in trend wholesale bar supplies company will have these products available for you to purchase.

The classic Woo Woo cocktail (vodka, peach brandy and cranberry juice) is expected to be served this summer with a touch of sage, rosemary and anise.


Wines from new countries

India and Brazil are slowly entering the wine producers’ market, with fragrant and commercially viable products. Wonderful wines such as Öküzgözü, Koshu, Malagozia, Malvasia, Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Assyrtiko and Teroldego have also entered this year’s list.


Classic Martini

Classical cocktails, such as James Bond`s famous Martini, come back in 2018. Sales of vermouth products have seen a spectacular growth lately.


Gluten-free beer

Originally developed for people with gluten intolerance, it has also become a choice for people who want to embrace a healthier lifestyle. This beer has a slightly fruity flavor, which makes it a bit different from the classic beer.