Mexican Candy Celebrations

Generally speaking, Mexican cuisine is characterized by a mixture of elements, being renowned for its variety of ingredients, colorful and appetizing decorations, and the multitude of spices used in almost every recipe, most of which being specific to Mexico.

Mexican candies, like other Mexican-specific products, are surprising to people who are unfamiliar with them, because they are very original in terms of ingredients (that often include hot spices and sauces) and flavors. An important role in Mexico’s culinary tradition is played by chocolate, which has been highly appreciated since the time of the Aztecs. Originally, chocolate was a slightly bitter beverage, made from cocoa seeds and spiced with hot pepper or vanilla. Before the arrival of Europeans, chocolate was a luxury and an important currency, used for exchange. Today, chocolate still plays a major role in Mexican candy recipes.

Here are a few types of Mexican candies sold by Colorado distributors that you should definitely try:

  • Pulparindos

These candies are made from the pulp of tamarind fruits, which are very popular in Mexico. The taste is spiced, salted and sweet at the same time.

  • Glorias

Dulce de leche, cajeta and nuts are the main ingredients that make these candies so delicious.

  • Vero Mango

These lollipops are created around a dried mango center and have a spicy exterior

  • Borrachitos

Vaguely alcoholic, Borrachitos have a jelly-like texture, with fruit flavor and sugary exterior

  • Camotes Poblanos

These candies have a mushy consistency (one of the ingredients is sweet potato) and have a fruity flavor.