Top Products Like Silicone Smoking Bowl

Looking for popular smoke products for your store?  A quick browse through the internet reviews shows that items like bongs, glass pipes, vaporizers, spoons, grinders, trays, and other accessories are the best sellers.

Bongs are designed for both flavor and comfort. These are also very popular thanks to the delicious flavor, without the hot inhale that every smoker hate.

Glass Pipes are customized to individual needs. Therefore, glass pipes for tobacco are different from silicone smoking bowl glass pipes for various dry herbs. These are very popular due to the pocket-sized shape.

Dab Tools are made of ceramic, titanium or quartz and provide a new smoking experience. Essential oils are extracted at low temperature, with a very intense aroma. Equally popular are the Dab Rigs too, due to its elegant shape, and because they are made to withstand a lot of heat. Smokers prefer them because they are affordable.

Vaporizers have gained more and more popularity in recent years, right after the weed legalized. And it is an effective way of replacing traditional smoking.  The only inconvenience is that they depend on an electric power source.

Do not forget about smoking accessories. These little items including trays, rollers, papers, grinders and herbs,  are the little details that can have the biggest impact on the smoking experience.