Wholesale Trends Pipes

Hand pipes are one of the most common ways to smoke. Being compact and portable, you can use them anywhere, unlike the wholesale bongs Denver dealers offer.

A special item from this category is the smoking glass pipes, which are the new trend among smokers. The biggest convenience is that these come in different types, shapes or colors from unicorns to soothers, and can be used with a specific type or quantity of product. You can even have one for every day of the week if you can afford it.

At the moment, the most popular types of glass pipes that have conquered the market are:

  • Chillums, which are the basic pipe type, only used for small amounts of herbs.
  • Spoon Pipe, similar to the chillums pipes, only that it has a small hole in the tube, that the users should cover with a finger, in order to smoke.
  • Sherlock Pipe, whose name is given by the type that fictional literary character Sherlock Holmes used, is designed with carburetors.
  • Bubblers are a hybrid between the glass pipe and the bong. In order to smoke, you have to use water, that acts as a filter.
  • Steamrollers are the most complex and complicated to use. These deliver powerful steam and are not recommended for the novices.
  • UV Reactive & Glow Glass Pipes glow vibrant colors in the dark or under a blacklight.