Talk On Rolling Paper

For those unfamiliar with the term, a blunt is a marijuana cigar. The wrap material can be a piece of tobacco paper , a cleaned-out cigar wrap, or a DIY wrap made of special materials, which is then filled with different choices of marijuana. All these wrappers are typically brown, matching the green ganja.

Rolling your own blunts is a very common practice, but there are some important tips to consider in order to do it right, and many of them are related to the blunt wrap material.

Experienced DIY-ers do not recommend removing tobacco from a cigar and using the wrapper to do your blunt, because this operation is not as easy as it sounds and the wrapper can easily break or crack, which will ruin yor blunt and your pleasure to prepare your getting-high-experience. A cleaned-out cigar wrap can still be a solution if you have no other choice, but the best thing is to use  durable wrap material, such as hemp organic wraps or pre-made stuffable cones. Their design and thinckness provide a slow burn, which is appreciated by those who love to enjoy a blunt.

For people who do not mind the combination with tobacco, wraps made from tobacco leaves are another durable option, providing a particular smoking experience.  Find more wholesale products at for great pricing.