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If you own a smoking store, your clients are those for whom the gesture of smoking is a method of relaxation and who always light a cigarette when enjoying a good coffee. Naturally, smokers are interested in investing into accessories able to turn this gesture into something special.

Cigars, pipes and high quality aromatic tobacco are just a few things that should exist in your store. But do not forget about other accessories that no smoker should miss, and carrying a silicone smoking bowl for some of the different types of smoking.


In addition to its usefulness, a lighter can reflect the importance of quality for customers and how much they respect themselves as smokers.

Cigarette cases

Many smokers prefer cigarette cases instead of cardboard cigarette packs, especially if they smoke rolled cigarettes. A case is not only an elegant accessory, but it has its own utility. It is easy to handle, practical and, at the same time, keeps cigarettes dry and preserves their flavor.

Portable ashtrays

Cigarette butts are unfortunately everywhere, but you can help reduce this phenomenon by promoting portable ashtrays in your store. Portable ashtrays are small in size, easily fitting in any pocket and very useful for those who smoke on the street, or in another open space.