creative liquor related store supplies


  1. Glob shaped refillable bottle

When you have to make a gift to a man, you often stop for a bottle of alcohol. But what if this time you chose a Glob shaped refillable bottle? It will look great in the bar as well as on the table.

  1. Pump for alcoholic beverages

With today’s high gasoline price, we all better switch to a different type of fuel. With this “fuel” dispenser, every party will be a special one, so… switch to the pump!

  1. Hammer Shots

This is a funny party game. You have to hit hard with the hammer, then execute the order in front of which the metal ball stops.

  1. Chemistry Shot Set

The set contains colored glasses for shots, which mimic a set of test tubes for chemical experiments.

  1. Sexy beer glasses
  2. Alcohol bracelet

Keep the drink handy, literally! This incognito container is ready to serve you 24/7.

  1. A wine set in a gift box

A set with a smart and elegant design can be a luxury gift even for pretentious recipients.

  1. LED beverage mixer with speakers

Good music and cold drinks should not miss from any summer party. A LED mixer with speakers is very useful to save space on the table, because it combines both requirements.

  1. Tie with bottle opener

Such a tie can be a funny gift for all business people who like to enjoy their beer.

  1. Inflatable drink holder

These products are great summer accessories for pool parties.  For store owners, you can find some of the best liquor store supplies at local wholesalers near you.