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Due to the pandemic, cash & carry stores have been visited more frequently in recent months than usual. Moreover, shopping carts are fuller, especially with non-perishable food, disinfectants and chlorine.

For companies that have stocks in their warehouses, it is recommended not to enter into aggressive promotion or liquidation campaigns specific to this period, but to keep their stocks and even stock up more. Those who sell in marketplaces must also be careful, because here the stocks must be updated in real time, otherwise they risk being penalized if they cannot deliver.

Right now, cash and carry stores across the country are stocking up goods to deal with a possible second wave of coronavirus (amid a further rise in Covid-19 cases) and Thanksgiving holidays, but also to prepare for the autumn and winter months.

Food companies are accelerating the production of the most popular items, which are non-perishable foods that do not need refrigeration.

Paper products as well as cleaning and sanitation products are also in the top and many retailers are expanding their distribution capacity, increasing warehouse space and stocking up on such products that are likely to remain in high demand.  For wholesale items look at for great prices.