Top 3 liquor drinks store supplies

The warm season means light food, vacations, going out in nature, extended evenings with family or friends, at home or outdoors, at a picnic. As a liquor store owner, try to think beyond the clichés and take into account all these underexploited moments that imply consumption, in order to know what you should have on the shelf to remain relevant in the context of a very competitive retail market.

Summer nights are the occasion for the hottest parties, and cocktails must also be in tune with this season. In the case of all these drinks, the level of alcohol must be a perfect match for their coolness and sweet aromas.

Top summer drinks and liquor store supplies your store should be carrying include:


There are many recipes for this famous Spanish punch. The most well-known variant contains red wine (Spanish, Portuguese or from Latin America), preferably dry and high quality.


Mojito is a very popular summer drink that contains white rum, mineral water, mint leaves, sugar and lime juice.

Piña Colada

This cocktail will definitely make you think of the Caribbean. Its story starts with the pirates of the 19th century, who are said to drink piña colada to lift their spirits. Today’s piña colada contains white rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice and crushed ice.