Creager Mercantile Wholesale Products

Both for suppliers and customers, larger shipments of wholesale groceries make more sense, for a number of good reasons. Purchasing in bulk makes it possible for retailers and wholesalers to benefit from the economies of scale. The cost per unit typically goes down as you buy more of a certain item. Because of the lower cost of goods per unit, profit margins will increase.

Another good thing about larger shipments is that they generally have lower unit shipping costs. This is due to the fact that the expense of transportation may be divided across a greater number of items, making it more affordable. Higher transportation costs may be a result of smaller, more frequent shipments.

Moreover, processing and handling one large shipment is usually more efficient than when dealing with smaller shipments. There is less need for frequent refilling, because of which there are fewer time and labor costs.

At the same time, larger shipments help with the proper management of inventories. As a result, retailers may better prepare for seasonal demand changes, keep more consistent stock levels, and lower the chances of running out of stocks. For larger orders, wholesalers and suppliers like usually offer great discounts, convenient payment terms, etc.