Wholesale Orders Glass Pipes Holiday Orders

For many businesses, whether small, medium or large, the holidays are the busiest period of the year, a period of opportunities. However, the holiday season is also a tough and stressful period that can fulfill the associated expectations only with careful and strategic advance planning. Here are some tips about how to reduce the stress related to holiday orders and how to keep your customers happy:

  • Assess the efficiency of your shipping network and communicate shipping times clearly to your customers – most e-commerce companies are affected by shipping delays to a certain extent during the holidays, but you can maintain the loyalty of your customers if you tell them exactly what to expect in terms of your delivery services;
  • Make sure you have the space you need to have a larger inventory – whatever you sell, you are likely to sell more of it during the holidays, so don’t loose the opportunity because you have insufficient storage space. If necessary, rent storage containers for the period right before the holidays to increase your warehouse space;
  • Have special holiday offers and prepare your inventory for the high demand item like the glass pipes Denver stores now carry – offering your customers products and services that you cannot deliver is something to be prevented.