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Glass pipes are part of the classical pipe category. There is no need for water, therefore, all you need to enjoy your smoking experience is a cigarette lighter! Glass pipes are portable and small in size, they can be easily snapped in your pocket, being ideal for smokers always on the move.

Considering their ease of use and compact form, glass pipes represent a particularly practical smoking equipment. Whether you are on a hike, in a chairlift going up to the ski slope or relaxing at the beach, a glass pipe is a great option.

Nevertheless, do not rush to make the wrong conclusions because glass pipes are not only for those who travel a lot; they are also very suitable for a moment of relaxation on the living room sofa.


You can choose from different designs.

Sherlock Pipes

Obviously, these badass pipes are named after the famous detective and have the shape that we are used to see in the movies, accompanying him in his adventures. They have an extended tube that curves down and then up again, making the smoking experience very enjoyable comfortable and sophisticated.

Spoon Pipes

These are also known as “hand pipes” and they have the form of a spoon. Smaller than Sherlock pipes and fitting perfectly in your hand, these pipes are great for people who are on the move.

Chillum Pipes

This type of glass pipes allows a discreet and quick smoking. They are shaped as a cigar meant for personal sized bowls.


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