alternatives other than cigarettes dispensary items suppliesEvery discussion on vaping should start with a comparison with cigarette smoking. Vaporizers are designed to be an alternative to traditional cigarettes, but with lower health risks. Scientific research only rarely compares vaping and smoking, but it is important to make this comparison and reveal the differences, as most vapers are smokers or at least ex-smokers.

Cigarette smoking causes well-known lung damage. Prolonged inhalation of burnt tobacco may have severe consequences: a variety of deadly lung conditions (chronic bronchitis, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer) and esophageal cancer. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals as well as dangerous particles.

But what about steam? Vaping does not produce known carcinogens in large enough quantities to be considered real risks and does not contain solid particles such as those from traditional cigarettes. In fact, those things that are the most dangerous in traditional cigarettes and cigars are largely absent from steam.

As there is no burning in vaping, there is no tar or carbon monoxide. Vaping uses heat to turn e-liquid into an inhalable aerosol, which is not related to smoke, although it looks like it.

There is no strong scientific of harmful health effects caused by vapors, unless you nicotine addiction, as some e-liquids contain this substance.  Buy products from a dispensary supplies wholesale resource that is trusted.