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Mexican sweets (although many are not exactly sweet…) come in a variety of surprising flavors and textures. Mexican sweets, in general, are a part of the Mexican culture— an integral and highly valuable part of the nation’s heritage.

You can find a wide variety of sweets on the streets of Mexico City! Starting with coconut-filled limes, sugar-glazed walnuts and including pumpkin seeds, chili nuts, tamarind and hot peppers, or soft meringue with Pulque (Pulque is an alcoholic, fermented beverage based on Agave Maguey). You can also taste sweets such as caramelized apples with tamarind and Chamoy (Chamoy is a tasty and spicy sauce, made from pickled fruits, which is also very hot, thanks to the addition of chili peppers).

Mexican candies are often confusing to outsiders, but definitely attention-catching! Therefore, getting Mexican candy and products for your store from one of the Denver distributors can be a good choice, which will bring you more customers – curious people and fans alike.

Here is a short selection:

  • Mazapanes de la Rosa
  • Pulparindos
  • Pelon Pelo Rico
  • Obleas
  • Glorias
  • Bubu Lubu
  • Vero Mango
  • Paleta Payaso
  • Pingüinos
  • Gansito
  • Choco Roles

To these, you can be added Borrachitos and Poblanos cambole, although they actually come from Puebla.