Mexican Candy Products Wholesale For Retail


Mexican candies are different and pretty amazing. An explosion of colors and flavors that people are instantly attracted to, when they see them. That’s why more and more retail stores choose to sell these Mexican candies and products, and can find Mexican products wholesale locally to stock their shelves. They attract customers and make them come back for more.

However, you should be careful, if you decide to sell such products. More recently, the US health regulators penalized a few Mexican candy companies, because some products have been tested high for lead. Lead is known to cause learning disabilities and other health issues.

These companies have been forced to change their candy-making methods and also to off their shelves.

Types of Mexican candies that were found unsuitable contained double the lead content allowed by the FDA. They include:

Chili candies

Chilly and salt coated fruit pulps and suckers are Mexican candy staples. Unfortunately, many of these tested high for lead (e.g., Chaca-Chaca 0,15 ppm).

Tamarind candies

These often come in ceramic containers and it seems that the ceramic glaze is to blame for the candy contamination.

Other candies, such as chewing gum varieties (Bibi Rainbow, Dulcea Yosi, etc.), lollipops (Hola Pop, Pinta Labios) and fruit candies such as Ticorindo and Indy Mini Dedos have also been recalled.