Great Gift Ideas

We all know that it is not easy to pick up gifts for other people, but if it is someone who appreciates a good drink at various occasions and parties with friends, things tend to become a little simpler. The available offer is quite generous and you should be able to choose from many liquor-themed gift options. Here are just a few ideas.

  • Anniversary drinks
  • Collectible fantasy bottles
  • Chilling saponite stones

Added in your and your friends’ glasses, they will keep the drinks cold for a longer time than ice, not to mention that they will not dilute the drinks. In addition, they look sensational in any glass.

  • Spin Arrow

This is a drinking game for an unforgettable party. Gather your friends with this affordable and very fun game. Everyone is sitting around a table and the host turns the arrow, which will indicate the lucky person who is expected to drink the available shot, in front of everyone.

  • Alcohol pump

With the price of today’s gasoline, we are all better off on another type of fuel… With this alcohol pump, each party will be a special one. The pump can be filled with about four cups of your favorite drink.

  • Shot roulette

This is another great game for friends and parties. Place the bet and you have the chance to win a shot of your favorite drink.  There are many large Colorado beverage distributors that offer wonderful gift ideas in their in-store promotions too.