Why Choose Us Denver Distributors

Mexico is a land full of wondrous treats that attract people from far and wide. And that’s why so many people have developed a taste for them. Because of that, more and more shops are looking to get the Mexican candy and products that people enjoy so much. For instance, Pelon Pelo Rico Pelonetes Candy Bites are among the best sweets that money can buy that are made south of the border. Their exotic tamarind flavor is what makes people love them so much and also the fact that they come in very accessible bite sizes. And if you don’t really like tamarind, they can be found in other flavors as well.


If you have a small shop or store that specializes in sweets and treats, then you may be interested in some other Mexican candy and products, such as Marinela Choco Roles. These sweet snacks are basically Swiss rolls, but with a very Mexican twist to them. On the outside the chocolate cover gives off a familiar feeling but the pineapple flavor of the filling is what actually gives it that “South of the border vibe”. They are great for both children and those that still are children at heart. So, make sure that you stock up on them next time you talk with your Denver distributors that stock all these type of products.