How To Start Store Dispensary Supply Store Products Wholesale

There are a few steps to go through if you want to start running your own head shop. Let’s check them out:

  1. Get a license

There is nothing you can do without a license, so make sure to get registered. You will need a name for your business, a perfect location and a marketing plan.

  1. Think about something special about your head shop

There are many head shops out there selling rolling papers, glass pipes and other regular and very common supplies. It is not a bad idea to find a way to stand out, but for this, you will have to know your community. For example, if your business will operate in a college town, you will want to avoid being too conservative.

  1. Set your budget

You will have to take into account a lot of expenses (supplies, technology, utilities, employees etc.) and create a minimum operating budget, for your business to succeed.

  1. Find your dispensary supply store distributors and create your initial stock
  2. Invest some money in a website and social media advertising.
  3. Do not stick exclusively to smoke supplies. You may also want to serve coffee, or maybe sell records, books or other things that would attract more customers, beyond the smokers. This strategy may boost your sales.