How Wholesale Dispensary Supplies Are Selected


Some people just want a bottle of booze to help them go through the holiday season, while others will be perfectly happy to light up their “holydaze” with some weed and nice dispensary accessories.

That’s why you should always keep weed accessories in stock and make sure to select them according to their popularity.

Top-rated dispensary accessories include:


There are all sorts of pocket-sized cannabis grinders that smokers use on a regular basis. These accessories have a discreet functionality and are very convenient for storing a sizeable amount of ground cannabis in your pocket, ready to be smoked.

Flavored cones

You should have an inventory collection of popular tastes that include mouthwatering flavors such as banana cream, passion fruit, grape, green apple, and more.


Serious smokers always need ashtrays, and most will appreciate finding products that reflect their personalities. You need to have common ashtrays in your stock as well as some higher-end products that come with some premium options and particular charm.

Hemp Wick

These accessories for lighting up without using a butane lighter are very popular among cannabis enthusiasts.

Rolling Trays

These wholesale dispensary supplies Colorado offers are very much appreciated by those who look for less messy and way more convenient smoking sessions.