Best Price Quality Colorado dispensary supply store


New products and accessories always pique the curiosity of the customers, in some cases they give joy. As a licensed dispensary you know how important customer experience is, so let’s see three must-have accessories to enhance it:

  • Glass / metallic pipe: a new version of a cool, colorful way of smoking, ideal for urban young people is the glass pipe. There is also the metallic pipe – simpler and sturdier, but still fashionable. Depending on the personality of your clients, it is recommended to stock your dispensary with different types of pipes so you can satisfy all tastes.
  • Terp pen: smaller than the pipe, the terp pen is an elegant accessory that vaporizes concentrated waxes. Depending on the preferences, the smoker can inhale a cold or hot load. A tiny accessory that can offer a flavor explosion in the mouth. Surprised? Yeah, your clients will be too.
  • Grinder. A grinder is a simple but essential accessory for any smoker. Grinding the flower before smoking can improve the quality of the smoke and make it burn more evenly. Plus, it’s a convenient way to prepare the herb for rolling or packing into a pipe. Offer grinders in different sizes and materials to suit your customers’ preferences.

By checking out a local Colorado dispensary supply store that offers these must-have accessories, you can enhance your customers’ experience and create a more welcoming and inclusive environment in your dispensary.