Products-minMany Americans swear that soda brands produced in and imported from Mexico are different from the ones produced in the US; in this case, “different” actually means “better”, because they seem to prefer their flavor and are even ready to pay a premium for them.

However, is there a real difference, or is it all in their heads?

We compared reviews for Mexican and American versions of classic brands of soda and here is the conclusion.

Mexican soda comes in 12 oz glass bottles, while American versions typically come in smaller recipients (8 oz), typically made from aluminum or plastic. Although no material should modify the taste of the liquid inside the recipient, drinking from a glass bottle provides a nostalgic experience and may have a psychological impact on evaluating the taste.

Another difference that we noticed is related to the sources of sugar present in Mexican and American soda. Although we are talking about the same amount (39 grams), Mexican soda is sweetened with sugar, while American soda contains high fructose corn syrup. This information alone makes some people state that the Mexican soda tastes “less chemically”, although, once again, making this difference simply based on tasting is questionable.  Look to to find some of the best choices of soda products.

In the end, finding a measurable difference between the two soda types is probably not so important after all, as long as everyone can find and consume their favorite version.