Colorado Retail

The retail business in Colorado has been going through a rough period lately, but things are beginning to look up for retail companies. Retail started plummeting quite a few years ago and the causes to be blamed range from the economic crisis and the rapid advancement of online shopping to the growing number of malls across the state, but perspectives are brighter now that retailers seem to have recognized the importance of flexibility – here is how their attitude has changed:

  • Online presence – 2015 was the first year when the number of online shoppers exceeded the number of those who still chose to shop in traditional, brick-and-mortar shops. As a result, more and more Denver distributors decided to launch their own web shops and managed to grab the attention of local shoppers who prefer online purchases.
  • Enhanced shopping experience – loyalty rewards and the availability of personal shoppers for free are just two examples of the value-added services provided by local retailers to consolidate their positions on the market.
  • Offering revolving credits – another great method to earn the trust of customers and used by more and more retail businesses across Colorado.
  • Harnessing the benefits of social media – lots of local retailers have recognized the immense potential in social media and have been using their profiles to reach out to existing and prospective customers.