Smoking is thousands of years old. Practiced at first for religious reasons, being seen as a means by which mortals could make contact with the gods, smoking became, at one time, a therapy that was thought to cure various diseases. Then, since the nineteenth century, it became a social habit, being common at the time, for women and men in the upper social layers, to display themselves with pipes or cigarette cases as sophisticated as possible.

The harmful effects of tobacco are well-known today, but its popularity has not diminished at all.

Tobacco stores distribute cigarettes, cigars, rolling sheets and other smoking accessories. If you are interested in selling tobacco products in your store, first investigate the laws regarding selling tobacco and related products. Selling tobacco products in your store can be a profitable business; however, because of the type of products you will be selling, you must comply with federal rules and regulations.

Another important detail for your business to be profitable is selling quality tobacco. Common products in a tobacco store include cigarettes of all kinds, cigars and spilled tobacco.

In order to sell quality tobacco that will bring you as many customers as possible and make them loyal, you will have to find a good wholesale supplier such as Creager Mercantile, who will always come with the best quality products.