There are many restrictions for cannabis stores in Colorado, but they are necessary, according to the state authorities, for the public health and responsible use.

Buying/ selling restrictions mainly refer to the age of the people who are allowed to enter in a cannabis store and purchase retail marijuana (they must be 21 and present a valid ID)

There are also other limits when it comes to buying marijuana:

When it comes to selling limits, only licensed stores can sell cannabis. People (adults) are allowed to share their stock and offer up to 2 ounces of marijuana to another adult, but they cannot sell.

There are also restrictions when it comes to using marijuana. For example, it is not allowed to be used in public indoor and outdoor areas (sidewalks, parks, restaurants, institutions etc.) in any way (smoking, vaping or eating). It can be used legally only on private properties.

Restrictions are necessary even we might not like them. However, it is good to know that every state is doing them in a different way.