Distributors Cash And Carry Services Colorado

Cash and Carry stores are aimed at resellers and not end consumers, being available both for business customers and for legal entities and private customers.  Colorado distributors offer a wide variety of products for resale purposes.

For hotels and restaurants, merchants, service companies, offices and other target groups, a cash and carry store is one of the most attractive sources of supplies to meet the needs of their business, as it offers tens of thousands of food and non-food products. Some of these stores are even specialized in certain fields (fresh products, for example).

Cash and carry stores operate with all types of logistics flows supported by integrated IT systems. They are based on a concept specific to the needs of professional clients. The constant availability of all products, under one roof and in the necessary quantities, the efficient exposure of the products aimed at self-service as well as the extended program hours are the reference points of the distribution centers.

The range of services includes simple access, based on customer ID, qualified sales consultants in each store and direct offers, carefully selected to meet the needs of each customer. Sales customers benefit from the know-how specific to distribution management and competitive prices.

The cash and carry concept is a modern form of wholesale trade, the format being well defined and adapted to the requirements of local markets.