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In case you have found the perfect niche market, it is equally important how to choose a wide variety of products for your small business. So you should check and see where to find this product variety. In this respect, trade magazines can be a good place to start. You can look in those magazines in order to find out about companies which offer the products you are searching for.

Another major source of valuable contacts would be the industry associations or trade organizations which are in any way related to the products you are interested in. These organizations and associations have access to manufacturers from other countries also.

Looking at local companies is another great idea for your business. Thus, you could look for wholesale companies like https://creagermerc.com/ which have a high success rate in a specific area and do not sell in other regions. It may be a good idea to contact their representatives and ask them about the idea of selling in your specific area also.

Your image certainly counts, and it is important for your small business to be perceived as a company, not as a consumer. In other words, you have to give the impression that you intend to make serious business.