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Cash & carry stores are wholesale stores that cater to professional customers, resellers, manufacturers or service providers. They are organized in a self-service system; typically, there is a sales area with shelves and placements available to customers, as well as a storage area, organized above the shelves in the sales area. There is also a storage area for items that need special temperature and humidity conditions. These are annexed to the Vegetable-Fruit, Delicacies-Dairy, Sausage, Meat and Frozen Products areas.

The modern management system in cash and carry wholesale stores including wholesale bar supplies permanently ensures the optimal presence of goods on the shelves and issues proposals for ordering items.

There is a wide range of items you can find in these stores:

  • Food: meat, fish, dairy, vegetables and fruits, drinks, sweets, snacks etc.
  • Non-food: decorative accessories, office accessories, utensils and equipment, hygiene products, cleaning products, hobby items etc.

Cash and carry trade is typically operated in 3 ways:

  • on a self-service basis
  • on the basis of samples (customers have the option to select from specimen articles, using a computerized ordering system or a simple manual, without serving themselves)
  • a combination of the two