colorado beverage soda wholesale company

Convenience stores face different challenges and operate in a very competitive industry, in which margins are often razor-thin. It is not easy to generate competitive sales and become profitable. Besides finding the best ways to entice customers to visit your store, you must also decide on the right products to sale.

Considering that people do not spend too much time in convenience stores (they typically get in only to purchase quickly some products that they need immediately), you should select products that encourage impulse buys.

Beverages should not miss from your convenience store, because they have the potential to increase your sales. However, considering the wide range of available, you should make even more decisions about what you should stock on your shelves.

There are a few very popular beverage options that you must consider, as people tend to grab some of these each time they get into a convenience store:

  • Pre-packaged teas (both sweetened and unsweetened)
  • A variety of juices, to appeal to all customers (sweet, fruity, nutritious etc.)
  • Energy and sport drinks
  • Flavored waters

You will have to take some time identifying purchasing trends in your area, because these kind of details will help you make changes to your c-store to better serve your customers and increase your sales.  A Colorado soda company can be a great resource as well in determining what should be on your shelves, and most sought after products.