Inventory Management Logistics Supply Beverage Colorado

If you own a liquor store you know very well the importance of scheduling upcoming deliveries so that you never run out of products.  For this, you must collaborate with one of the Colorado distributors that can meet your requirements in terms of delivery times, quality of the drinks, payment terms and more.

But how can you be sure that a supplier is reliable and will actually deliver your ordered goods in a timely manner?

When you discuss to your supplier about upcoming deliveries, you should avoid talking about their problems. That’s because their problems are not yours, and your supplier should not feel free to make excuses for delays.  Yes, there are some very crowded days now and then. Yes, sometimes all the available vehicles are in operation, making deliveries. However, one of them should also reach you, in the previously agreed upon time.  Avoid being too nice and understanding if this does not happen.

When you are signing the contract, all the suppliers will tell you that the drinks you are going to order for your store will always be delivered on time, but this will not be true in all cases. Make sure you keep collaborating only with those reliable suppliers who have never left you out of stock in front of your customers.