mexican candy mercantile

Mexican candy, like Mexican food in general, is bold and special. Mexican cuisine is famous and appreciated for its rich flavors and spiciness and those qualities apply not only to meat and vegetable dishes, but to sweets as well.

When compared to candies coming from other countries, including the U.S., Mexican candies bought at places like Creager Mercantile  a wholesale distributor, have a creamier consistency and they use completely different ingredients. The sweetness of these special candies comes from corn syrup, while the characteristic sour tanginess is conferred by tamarind, a pod-like fruit that adds not only taste, but texture as well. Mexican candy products also use chili peppers – you can find hot and very hot varieties, but non-hot varieties are also available, for those who like the flavor of peppers, but not the burning heat. The other typical Mexican ingredient that is not missing from the candies offered by the country is cocoa – the high-quality brown powder adds an exotic, unmistakable flavor to these sweets. Mexicans use salt more creatively, too – the ingredient can be present in Mexican candies in small quantities, added just to bring out and accentuate the sweetness or it can be used for preparing special salty varieties.

The above qualities define not only candies – Mexican chewing gum, lollipops and chocolate bars are also prepared based on the same creative principles.