Blunt is the slang term used for marijuana joints, while blunt wraps are the pieces of material used for making the blunts. There are many methods and many different materials used for wrapping blunts – some people prefer to empty conventional cigarettes and to refill the empty shell either with pure marijuana cut into small pieces or with marihuana mixed with tobacco, while others prefer to use dedicated materials for the wrapping process.

Two of the most common materials used for wrapping blunts are tobacco leaves, a solution preferred by those who don’t mind mixing their marijuana with tobacco and cigarette paper. Tobacco leaves are used the same way as in the case of wrapping cigars – the leaf is straightened on a flat surface, the marijuana or the mix of marijuana and tobacco is placed on the leaf and the blunt is prepared rolling the leaf. Cigarette paper are used the same way, but the process requires a bit more dexterity, as cigarette paper is very fragile.

Another great wrapping solution is to use wraps designed especially for rolling blunts. These products sold by blunt wrap suppliers Colorado offers come with the benefit of being easier to handle and more resistant and they are also available in flavoured varieties to make the blunt more enjoyable.