Tobacco Rolling Papers

Many people choose to roll their own cigarettes, using tobacco and special rolling paper. Why do they choose to make this effort? There are some benefits worth to consider.

  • You smoke less. It is obviously much easier to remove your ready-made cigarette from the pack and start smoking it immediately, but when you roll your own cigarettes, you lose this automatism and spend more time preparing the moment of smoking. If you do not have enough time to roll your cigarette, you do not smoke it.
  • Tobacco used to roll the cigarettes is less processed than what can be found in ready-made cigarettes
  • Rolling your own cigarettes turns to be cheaper in the long run (if we also take into consideration the fact that you are smoking less with this method).

There are different types and brands of rolling paper and other products offered by Colorado distributors and the best is relative and depends on your preferences. These products contain 25, 32 or 50 paper sheets each, placed in a box, or 24 pieces in a roll. The rolling paper is made by various methods that highlight the aroma and guarantee a fine smoking experience, especially if they are 100% made of natural wood fibers. Rolling paper is available in different sizes: standard, extra-slim, standard king size, slim king size etc. There are even paper sheets with different flavors.