Mexican candy is the ultimate experience when it comes to delighting your taste buds with the most unique and spiciest flavors of them all. Like most Mexican food, you’ll find it to be uniquely spicy, yet without losing its original taste of candy. Enhanced with salt, hot sauce and the characteristic tamarind – Mexico’s most renowned flavor – this is one type of candy that will never cease to amaze you.


There are many unique types of Mexican candy Denver shops have so you can enjoy, and they all come from various brands that have specialized in offering the perfect fusion of flavors to make Mexican candy as famous as it is today. From chocolate and lollipops to chewing gum and traditional Mexican candy or Tamarindo candy, you’ll find there’s definitely a lot to choose from.


Fruit sauces and frozen confections are also famous among Mexico’s top candy manufacturers. Some types of candy even involve delicious dried fruit dipped in special Chamoy sauce. Others are chewy caramels or hard candies with an exterior shell made from spicy tamarind or Chamoy.


If you never tried Mexican candy, make sure to get some of the multi-colored wafer like snacks and the famous pulparindos. These are arguably some of the most well-known Mexican candy snacks on the market, and they will definitely not disappoint.