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If you own a small store or a shop, the best and easiest way to buy the products that you sell is by working with a wholesale supplier. The relationship between retailer and wholesaler is very special – here are some features that you should know about:

  • The type of the wholesaler – the main types of wholesalers are manufacturers, used mostly by sellers that need really large quantities; importers that sell goods that they bring in from overseas or from neighboring countries, distributors that repackage bulk products into smaller amounts, drop shippers that do not carry stocks, making the ordered products like wholesale bongs Denver now offers immediately available to retailers and liquidators that make available rare or hard to find goods;
  • Be prepared that minimum orders are large – most wholesalers have minimum order requirements, therefore you should always assess your selling potential before making a bulk order to avoid carrying dead stock;
  • Payment terms – most wholesale suppliers work through online customer accounts through which you will be making your orders as well as your payments. These systems are largely automatized, which means that any delay in payment can lead to getting your account blocked;
  • Quick delivery – wholesalers usually have their own logistics systems that allow you to benefit from timely deliveries.