Did You Know Cash And Carry Wholesale Distributor

Cash and carry is a phrase that refers to a commercial method, used in the wholesale trade, according to which buyers pay the goods on the spot, when they pick them up, the transport being also their responsibility.

The cash and carry trade consists in the activity carried out by traders who sell goods through the self-service system to legal persons or authorized natural persons and family enterprises authorized according to law, registered in the seller’s database, for resale and/ or processing, as well as their use as consumables.

The cash and carry system is similar to wholesale deposits with a minimum range of services offered. The customer chooses the goods, pays for them and leaves with them; the costs are low for the wholesaler and the prices are low for the customers.

In the early days of modern trade, cash and carry formats competed strongly with supermarket formats because there were a small number of players on the market. With the increase in the number of hypermarkets and supermarkets, they have become closer, geographically, to the current needs of consumers. Thus, the importance of sales through the cash and carry format to individuals, decreased. Therefore, many cash and carry stores have more recently organized their own distribution centers in order to attract customers, by quickly delivering the purchased products.  For wholesale products and a trusting Denver distributor look to https://creagermerc.com/.