liquor store supplies shopping stocked shelvesJust as tobacco shops need vape pens to make more sales, liquor stores have their own set of items that tend to do very well regardless of the time of year, the location of the store, or just about any other important factor. These liquor store supplies are quite sought after, and they don’t always involve actual alcoholic beverages. In many cases, they consist of items that you’d never even think might bring in more sales:


  • One of these items are corkscrews and other opening devices for wine bottles, beer bottles and everything else under the sun. Many such items are extremely ornate or part of Swiss Army knife-type gadgets that people would love to have. As a result, just about anyone walking in your store will want them, and some people might even pay top dollar for them as collector items.
  • Having small ice box beer coolers around your store will increase your income a great deal, especially in the summer. Buying these items wholesale might not make much sense when you own a general store or a grocery store, but liquor store owners know exactly how much potential these items have.
  • Finally, it’s worth getting and selling tobacco supplies, even if your store doesn’t necessarily sell a lot of tobacco. As a liquor store, your main goal might be to sell alcohol, but a lot of the people who smoke also drink. So it’s a good idea to provide them with some fine tobacco products so they’ll buy all their items from you, and not just some.